Rocky Mountain Cold Brew Recipe

Rocky Mountain Cold Brew Recipe

Hot coffee is great. There’s no doubt about it. 

But sometimes you need an ice cold, refreshing coffee drink instead.

That’s where we come in!

The perfect cold brew doesn’t have to be from your local cafe. It can be made right from the comfort of your own kitchen in just a few easy steps, and will undoubtedly make your mornings — or afternoons — that much better.

Follow these few steps to make enough iced coffee to last you the entire week!

Getting started

For this example, let’s assume you’re using a 32 ounce jar. Don’t worry if you have a bigger jar or pitcher. The ratio is very simple.

For every ½ cup of ground coffee, add 1 cup of water.

Our recipe will make enough for about 5 glasses of cold brew. 

For that, just mix 1 ½ cups of ground coffee and 3 cups of water into your jar. After giving it a good stir, put a lid or covering on the jar and place it in your refrigerator. 

Let it sit overnight

The time you need to steep the coffee is completely flexible. Leaving it overnight, or for about 12 hours, is perfect. If you leave it longer than that, or even for longer than a day, that’s fine too. 

For example, Starbucks lets their coffee steep for about 20 hours. So do whatever works best for you!

Just remember that the longer coffee is left steeping in the fridge, the stronger and more bitter it will taste.

Strain the coffee

You’re almost there — and this part is really easy.

Simply take your cold brew out of the fridge and strain the grounds out of it while using a regular coffee filter. Feel free to use a cloth napkin, handkerchief or other strainers, too. There are plenty of options.

All that matters is that you can get the coffee grounds out of the water.


That’s it! Your cold brew is ready to go.

Remember to dilute your iced coffee with a bit of water, especially if it’s a little too strong. 

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